Naturopathic Medicine

This system of medicine follows its six guiding principles: Doctor as Teacher, First Do No Harm, Identify and Treat the Cause, The Healing Power of Nature, Treat the Whole Person, and Prevention.


A 200-year old natural system of healing that is both safe and effective used to treat a variety of physical and emotional problems. Homeopathy stimulates your body’s innate healing mechanism triggering the body to cure itself of disease and in turn improve overall health.


A convenient, fast, and secure way to visit the doctor from the comfort and privacy of your own home while saving time and money spent traveling to the office. This method of visiting with your doctor can be done either through phone or video conferencing. This service can typically be provided the same day you schedule your appointment.

Lifestyle Guidance

Helping you make incremental lifestyle changes in order to create significant improvements in your health over time. Aspects of lifestyle changes are dietary guidance, helping form healthy habits in your daily life, and more. The goal is to empower you to create and maintain optimal health.

Herbs & Supplements

The treatments are tailored specifically for you based on specific symptoms and your personal needs by using the natural healing ability of plants in conjunction with the supportive care provided by supplements.


Most major insurances accepted, except for Oregon Health Plan and Medicare. Contact your insurance to verify naturopathic coverage as individual policies vary. Cash payment also accepted at the time of service.

Patient Resources

Patient Portal

A secure online portal where you can manage your personal health record information and/or your family members at anytime and any place. You can request and manage appointments, complete patient questionnaires, review treatment plans, store current and past lab results, and more!

Patient Account

Recommended Items

To save you time and stress, a list of hand picked herbs, supplements, and related products has been selected for you. Each product has been carefully reviewed and assessed based on quality and price in order to provide you with the best product for your money.

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An online service where you can order from a large selection of high quality herbs, supplements, and related products at a discount price from a trusted source. This service removes the added stress of driving to the store by delivering the product directly to your doorstep in a fast, convenient, and practical manner.

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Meet the doctor

After graduating from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Angelica and her husband Leo decided they needed a new start. Moving to Bend, Oregon was a blessing with its small town feel and being close to the outdoors.

Angelica is a naturopathic doctor and has taken advanced courses in classical homeopathy, which she incorporates into her treatments. She is licensed to practice in the state of Oregon and is fluent in Spanish.

Who we are

Bloom Holistic Clinic provides professional health guidance in order to restore health while supporting the body's natural healing ability and empowering people to reach their optimal state of health by applying naturopathic principles.

Treatments are tailored to the specific needs of each person using naturopathic medicine, classical homeopathy, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle guidance.

Our history

Dr. Angelica Gonzales wanted to open her own clinic before becoming a naturopathic doctor and she wanted to create a healing space that was safe and free of judgment in order to encourage people to discuss their health related concerns.

Bloom Holistic Clinic partnered up with the local nonprofit Latino Community Association (LCA) to provide homeopathy services to the underserved local Latino families as a way to give back to the community and make use of Dr. Gonzales’ bilingual skills.